[linux-lvm] Performance problem.

neuron neuron at hollowtube.mine.nu
Tue Nov 18 09:07:02 UTC 2003

no idea if you can convert the data, but as you can resize, you can probably move stuff to lvm2 that way.

> > great, dunno about testing.
> > Copying large amounts of data atleast.
> > Also fragmentation is an issue to keep in mind, so duplicate the disk,
> don't cp the data over.
> The idea was to use dd to duplicate the system disk, then create a LV (LVM1
> metadata) outof two new disks which are then filled with data. After that,
> I'll begin migrating to devicemapper but with lvm1 metadata.
> All tests will in the beginning be read tests (since that's more important
> to me). These tests will be "time cat > /dev/null" aswell as accessing the
> data remotely via NFS/SMB/FTP. After that test, I'll migrate to LVM2
> metadata, since thats what I want to use for real later, and then redo the
> tests using the same data.
> I assume that it will be possible to migrate the metadata to LVM2?
> It's going to be a long evening/night :)
> /Henric
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