[linux-lvm] Remove VOlume group that doesn't exist

Melinda Taylor melinda at phys.unsw.edu.au
Tue Sep 2 18:09:01 UTC 2003


After my couple of disks died I have been left with one working volume 
group vg02 and
one non-existant volume group vg01 which I would like to remove.
Since /dev/sdd2 and /dev/sde2 no longer exist I am unable to remove the 
volume group with the usual method:

/sbin/vgremove vg01
VG data differs between PVs /dev/sdd2 and /dev/sde2
Volume group "vg01" doesn't exist

Actually /dev/sdd2 does still exist as a normal formatted linux partition
so I don't want to damage that while trying to remove my volume group.

How do I tell lvm that vg01 no longer exists? It is not in lvmtab so I 
am unsure where it store this info.

Many Thanks,


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