[linux-lvm] Can not boot: unable to mount root fs:

Erik Rask erik at strakt.com
Wed Sep 3 01:30:02 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Samuel A. Rogers wrote:

> So far I can not compile and boot any kernel from 2.4.19 - 2.4.21. I get the below error message:
> VFS: cannot open device 3a:00
> kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs 3a:00
> I took this from an archive message and it should be very close to the message I get except for the 
> device number. I think mine says 1a:00 as I am only using ide and not scsi. The system locks up and 
> I have to manually press the reset button to reboot.
> I have checked the archives but could not find a solution.
> Also the kernels I get from Redhat can boot just fine, but they have turned off my sound card so I 
> need to regen the kernel. I have tried to get ahold of Redhat by phone, e-mail and newsgroup but no 
> reply.
> Regards,
> 	Sam Rogers.

I do not know exactly how far this discussion has progressed, since I have
lost some mail recently and may have missed out. I apologize if my advice
has already been given and rejected.
I experienced the exact same problem when installing a devfs capable
kernel before installing the devfsd daemon. I use Debian, so I do not know
where or how to find devfsd with redhat/RPM. Try installing devfsd and
then rebooting one of the new kernels.
Best regards
Erik Rask, systems administrator @ AB Strakt
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