[linux-lvm] lvm/fs issue

Rosenstrauch, David david.rosenstrauch at csfb.com
Tue Dec 21 16:47:58 UTC 2004

> I'm not sure about your error, but I would merge sda[6789] 
> into a single
> partition.  Splitting a disk and then putting it back together in
> software just adds an unnecessary load to your system (only 
> one Physcial
> Volume per disk).  In other words, sda6 should go from 16845.016 to
> 38154.000.  Getting there may be a challenge, though ;-)

Well, splitting and putting back together is not what I'm doing, although it
might look like that.

Although I currently have only 1 logical volume, and all my PV's are currently
a part of it, that's not necessarily how things will always be.  I
intentionally partitioned most of my disk into ~2GB chunks like this, so that
I can have a pool of 2GB PV's which I can throw at whichever LV needs it, and
thereby rid myself of future space constraint issues I've run into in the past
with traditional partitioning.

> Taking a stab at your problem, I would first look to see if you've
> exclude sda3 from LVM.  I am guessing that you haven't, and 
> that LVM is
> trying to read a PV id off sda3.

Yeah, that seems to be the general consensus.  Looks like LVM was until
recently either ignoring extended partitions or not reporting error messages
on them, which is why I only started to see this recently.



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