[linux-lvm] lvm/fs issue

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at starnetworks.us
Tue Dec 21 17:11:18 UTC 2004

Rosenstrauch, David wrote:

> Although I currently have only 1 logical volume, and all my PV's are currently
> a part of it, that's not necessarily how things will always be.  I
> intentionally partitioned most of my disk into ~2GB chunks like this, so that
> I can have a pool of 2GB PV's which I can throw at whichever LV needs it, and
> thereby rid myself of future space constraint issues I've run into in the past
> with traditional partitioning.

But that's the whole point of LVM in the first place!

If you make a single PV, with a VG including it, you can carve it up and 
re-carve it up however you like, for whatever LVs you have or create in 
the future. You can even _shrink_ LVs and make the space available to 
other LVs, which you cannot do with partitions.

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