[linux-lvm] root on lvm2 on raid5 problem... kernel 2.6.x

Christophe Saout christophe at saout.de
Sat Feb 7 17:53:23 UTC 2004

Am Sa, den 07.02.2004 schrieb linux-lvm-admin at redhat.com um 23:34:

> Some more tips that might be useful:
>   dmsetup vgmknodes: creates /dev/mapper directories entries for active devices

I think you meant "dmsetup mknodes". :-)

> > From the initrd image, however, vgchange is unable to activate
> > the volumes.
> If it's read-only, vgscan/vgchange --ignorelockingfailure

What's also useful with a dynamic /dev (like mounted on ramfs with udev)
on a read-only root filesystem (I'm doing this here in the early system
boot rc when /dev is populated even before the filesystem checking and
mounting begins):

lvm vgscan --mknodes --ignorelockingfailure

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