[linux-lvm] snapshots with XFS and 2.6 kernel

David Powers david at grayskies.net
Thu Feb 26 08:46:05 UTC 2004

I was attempting to implement a quick snapshot backup solution using 
lvm2, XFS, and snapshots on a 2.6 kernel.  After some very odd hangs I 
started hunting around in the lists and came across some posts that 
snapshots were not yet properly implemented in 2.6.  These were from a 
few months ago and a quick scan of the lvm2 tarball (in particular 
WHATS_NEW and README) doesn't seem to indicate that snaphots should be 
avoided.  So the question is, are snapshots usable?  And if they aren't 
where would I find more current information about when they will be?  as 
it stands now creating a snapshot tends to produce:

disk1 snapshots # lvcreate -L5G -nsnaptest -s /dev/filestore/archive
  device-mapper ioctl cmd 9 failed: Invalid argument
  Couldn't load device 'filestore-snaptest'.
  Problem reactivating origin archive

an lvscan afterwards shows the snapshot:

disk1 snapshots # lvscan
  ACTIVE   Original '/dev/filestore/archive' [60.00 GB] next free (default)
  ACTIVE            '/dev/filestore/groups' [50.00 GB] next free (default)
  ACTIVE            '/dev/filestore/personal' [50.00 GB] next free (default)
  ACTIVE   Snapshot '/dev/filestore/snaptest' [5.00 GB] next free (default)

but the device isn't actually created and it takes hard rebooting and a 
lot of fiddling and poking to delete it.  Any help or insight is 

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