[linux-lvm] JFS or XFS

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Thu Jan 15 19:02:02 UTC 2004

> On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 18:22, neuron wrote:
>> reiserfs, guaranteed personally.  Especially on a mail server.

> I agree, reiserfs was tuned for handling lots of small files.  Sounds
> perfect for a mail server.

  Also,  ReiserFS  tools  are  very mature when it comes to repair and
  recover  from  damages. I do not know how the JFS/XFS tools are, but
  it  would  be  a good idea to investigate how you can repair your FS
  _if_ you end up with some sort of failure..

>> I've used jfs, I crashed it twice on purpose (network swap,
>> then disable network card), both times jfs failed to boot.  (this
>> is because it trusts it's own journal, which a lot of people love
>> about it, both times for me it was wrong..)
>> Personally I haven't had any problems with XFS though, but I haven't used it that much.

> If you go with XFS, stay away from anything older than 1.3.1.

> The 1.2 and prior releases had this really nice feature that they
> ignored the sync command (and fsync I think).

> The end result is that with a power outage or kernel lockup you could
> lose lots of work.  I had one failure on a lightly used machine that had
> a whole days activities still sitting in the OS disk cache when the
> kernel locked up.

> This is fixed in 1.3.1, 

> Greg

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