[linux-lvm] unable to create permanent physical volume on /dev/hdc

David Claessens david.claessens at pi.be
Tue Jul 20 11:13:54 UTC 2004


I have a machine with 4 disks assigned to LVM. I recently re-installed 
this machine and upgraded it to a custom compiled 2.6 kernel (2.6.7 to 
be specific) but now I'm having troubles recreating my LVM. I have 
assigned /dev/hda6, /dev/hdb, /dev/hdc en /dev/hdd to LVM with the 
'pvcreate' command without any error (I did run the dd command from the 
howto first). When I run 'pvs' I see my 4 physical volumes, however when 
I run 'pvscan' it only lists 3 of the 4 physical volumes. /dev/hdc is 
missing from the list. When I run 'pvs' again it now also only shows 3 
of the 4 physical volumes. However if I run 'pvs /dev/hdc' it shows me 
my 4 physical volumes, 'pvscan' always shows only 3. Also after running 
'pvscan', I can run 'pvcreate' again on /dev/hdc without any error and 
running 'pvs' without any arguments will show 4 volumes.

I have no problems creating a primary partition spanning the disk. 
However running 'pvcreate /dev/hdc1' also works without an error but it 
still won't show up in a pvscan. What could be the problem that hdc 
won't be a physical volume or what commands could/should I run to more 
accurately debug/fix the problem ??

The system is running on Debian 3.0 upgraded to testing and I have a 
duplicate with the same setup that is running without any problem. Also 
LVM2 is working perfectly using the 3 working physical volumes.

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