[linux-lvm] How to extend a root LVM volume?

Pascal Garcia dld dld.pascal.garcia at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 17 20:37:50 UTC 2004

Sorry but I will not solve your problem.
The problem I see is that you must declare the volume and "import the
pvs" but I am not sure you will be, afterwards able to reboot.

I just want to tell about what I did not to have that problem. It does
not help for your problem.
They are file systems that can be resized (at least extended) without
unmounting the partition.
ext2 and ext3 partitions, as far as I know, can not. reiserfs partition
can, but I believe there are few others. Reiserfs is the one I use. 
This is the script I use to extend my root partition by 500M when needed
! I just make sure my important data is saved before I do that, just in
case ...

lvextend -L +500M /dev/rootvg/1
resize_reiserfs /dev/rootvg/1

No need to reboot, to stop to start rescue disk, ... That is done!

Easy no!

Pascal Garcia

Le jeu 17/06/2004 à 19:13, Mark Miksis a écrit :
> I'm trying to extend a root LVM.  I'm using LVM2 on FC2.  Here is what
> I've tried:
> I ran lvextend when the system was booted normally and the volumes were
> mounted.  This worked as expected and lvdisplay properly shows the new
> larger size.
> Then I booted into the FC2 rescue CD and instructed it to NOT search for
> and mount Fedora installations.  I then ran:
> # resize2fs /dev/Volume00/LogVol00
> I don't have the specific error, but it basically says that the
> specified volume doesn't exist.  Indeed if I look in /dev, my volume
> group and volumes are nowhere to be found.
> At that point I tried:
> # lvm
> lvm> vgscan
> After only about 1 second, it responds that no volumes are found.
> I also tried rebooting from the CD and letting it mount my
> installations.  In this case, the volume and volume groups are properly
> discovered and mounted.  However, if I try to unmount the volume, it
> always responds with "device busy".
> Is this a problem with how the FC2 rescue disk scans for volumes?  Any
> help would be appreciated.
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