[linux-lvm] lvm2 & e2fsadm (or safe scripted resizing)

Nick Bartos spam99 at 2thebatcave.com
Fri Jun 18 00:39:24 UTC 2004

>From what I can see, there is no e2fsadm util for lvm2.

I want to script parition resizes, but without that tool I cringe a
little.  I need to write a script that automates this in a distro, so it
needs to be completely scripted and very reliably reproduceable.  I am
using e2fsadm now which works very well since I can just tell it how much
to shrink/grow the partition, without getting the size first.

I don't mind doing this manually, but I want to make damn sure that I
calculate everything right.  I don't want to miss something by a byte here
or there.

If someone could contribute a good script or some directions on exactly
how I get the right numbers, I would appreciate it.  I could just start
doing it myself, but I am afraid that I would make it work, but then miss
something where in some case of rounding I would mess up the partition.

I was also looking at the reiserfs utility, it looks like that works
nicely as far as I can tell, there wouldn't seem to be any need to
calculate anything.  Possibly I will consider upgrading the ext3 paritions
to reiserfs as well.

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