[linux-lvm] LVM2, RAID-5 and resizing

Roel Adriaans roel at weetniksbeters.nl
Mon May 3 00:59:36 UTC 2004


I have been playing with LVM2 and Sofwareraid 5 the last days. My plan 
is to have
a software raid5 array with one PV and multiple LV's.

This works perfect, but I also want to enlarge the raid-5 array. This 
works perfect
when I have one LV. To resize I do this:

- vgcfgbackup
- Enlarge raidarray with raidreconf tools
- pvcreate -u original UUID /dev/md0
- Edit pe_count in the backup created by vgcfbackup
- vgcfgrestore
- Resize the filesystem.

This works for me with one LV.

But when I add two LV's it goes wrong and the LV's get corrupt.
(I get the pe_count by running pvdisplay, before I run vgcfgrestore, and 
it with 255. This seems to work)

Is there a way to do this with more succes?
Even dirty hacks are fine by me :)


Roel Adriaans

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