[linux-lvm] VGs not detected at startup

Markus Wiedmer - FHBB markus.wiedmer at stud.fhbb.ch
Mon Nov 8 13:46:31 UTC 2004

I'd be happy if this would work with me. Unfortunately a few seconds
(even an hour) will do nothing with my system. the VGs are still

I now found a work-around that seems to work so far. In the
LVM-Start-Script I just put "mount /dev/sda5 || true" before the vgscan. it
looks like after a mount-command the system suddenly finds the VG.


DS> Yes, I certainly know this problem.  I'm running LVM2 2.00.15 and device
DS> mapper 1.00.17 on a 2.6.9 (x86) kernel.  'Vgscan' fails to find an vloumes
DS> running from the system initialization script, but works fine a few seconds
DS> (I'm guessing) later run from 'rc.local'.  I've tried a few things to "fix"
DS> this, all to no effect.

DS> David S.

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