[linux-lvm] [Debian/Knoppix] LVM2 at boot time

Laurent Bloch lbloch at noos.fr
Mon Oct 11 17:32:37 UTC 2004


My system is Knoppix 3.6 with 2.6.7 kernel and LVM2. My /home
and /usr/local file systems are on logical volumes. The lvm
script is in /etc/init.d, with a link in /etc/rcS.d, S26lvm
(mountall has a greater number). dm-mod is in /etc/modules

At boot time, everything stops; I have to type "modprobe dm-mod", 
<Ctrl-D>, and everything is OK. What's wrong with my boot config.?
Any hint appreciated.

Laurent Bloch -- lbloch at noos.fr -- http://laurent-bloch.org

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