[linux-lvm] "Cannot allocate memory" creating VGDA

Paul Warren pdw at ex-parrot.com
Sat Oct 16 19:49:48 UTC 2004

On Sat, Oct 16, 2004 at 03:40:45PM +0100, Paul Warren wrote:
> Varying the chunk size doesn't seem to help.  This appears to be the
> HIGHMEM issue that has come up on the list before.  If we recompile the
> kernel without HIGHMEM support, it works OK (apart from the
> unavailability of 3/4 of the RAM).
> We're running 2.4.27 - are there patches beyond that?
> Has anyone had any success with getting snapshots to work on a machine
> with > 1GB RAM?

It seems that this works if you compile the kernel with HIGHMEM 64G
support or with HIGHMEM off, but not with 4G support.


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