[linux-lvm] Unable to boot system

Pratik Solanki pratik.solanki.ml at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 18:46:43 UTC 2004


I am a newbie to LVM and recently installed Fedora Core 2 with LVM. I
have 2 hard disks, only one of them is used in a volume group. I have
4 logical volumes in the group, /, /usr, /home and swap. Everything
was wonrkinbg fine until I decided to upgrade my system through yum. I
used the development releases since I wanted gnome 2.8. I did not
update everything; instead I just updated selective gnome packages.
After rebooting my system refuses to come up. It says something like

Uncompressing Linux ....
Reading all physical volumes. This can take a while ...
Found Volume Group "Vol0". metadata lvm2
4 logical Volumes in volume group "Vol0" now active
Restarting System

I can use the fedora rescue disk and mount all the volumes without any
problem. I did notice that when I was restarting, my systems showed
errors when disabling swap (swapoff), but it went by too fast for me
to write down the exact error. Something about /dev/mapper/LV03 not

Any ideas on what is causing this and how I can fix it.


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