[linux-lvm] Unable to boot system

Frank Dean frank-lists at smartpixie.com
Tue Oct 19 18:12:12 UTC 2004

Hi Pratik,

I'm afraid I'm not far past LVM newbie myself.

One problem I had was the startup scripts for Mandrake 10.0
'intelligently' determined whether I was running LVM1 or LVM2 by the
presence of configuration files.  (The configuration methods differ
between the LVM1 and 2).  As I had been messing around with both LVM1
and LVM2 I had a mixture, and this destroyed the logic of the startup

It might be worth having a little look through the startup script to
figure out where it's going wrong, and maybe that'll point you at the
answer.  I believe Mandrake is similar to RedHat, so chances are that
your startup script is also /etc/rc.sysinit.

It's worth noting that the script expects errors in some situations and
retries some operations again later.  So seeing errors during boot isn't
necessarily a problem...

Of course, it might be failing before you get to the startup script, but
that would suggest something modified your initrd image during the
upgrade, if the upgrade is the cause and not a red herring.



On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 19:46, Pratik Solanki wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a newbie to LVM and recently installed Fedora Core 2 with LVM. I
> have 2 hard disks, only one of them is used in a volume group. I have
> 4 logical volumes in the group, /, /usr, /home and swap. Everything
> was wonrkinbg fine until I decided to upgrade my system through yum. I
> used the development releases since I wanted gnome 2.8. I did not
> update everything; instead I just updated selective gnome packages.
> After rebooting my system refuses to come up. It says something like
> Uncompressing Linux ....
> ...
> Reading all physical volumes. This can take a while ...
> Found Volume Group "Vol0". metadata lvm2
> 4 logical Volumes in volume group "Vol0" now active
> Restarting System
> I can use the fedora rescue disk and mount all the volumes without any
> problem. I did notice that when I was restarting, my systems showed
> errors when disabling swap (swapoff), but it went by too fast for me
> to write down the exact error. Something about /dev/mapper/LV03 not
> found.
> Any ideas on what is causing this and how I can fix it.
> Thanks,
> Pratik.
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