[linux-lvm] VGDA in kernel are not consistent with lvmtab

Maurizio Teruzzi maurizio.teruzzi at freesurf.ch
Tue Oct 26 21:35:22 UTC 2004

Maurizio Teruzzi ha scritto:

> What can I do to correct this? LVM 1.0.3 , if work I will update to a 
> new version like LVM 2!

Little history:
- yesterday (mess) I decide to rename my actual Volume00 to rootvg, i 
use vgrename succesfully, I edit fstab, mtab,grub.conf,lvmtab manually 
to reflect this change. After reboot my server stop working with KERNEL 
After do this I decide to go back, I booted with a rescue CD and I 
restore the copy of each modified file (I made previous a copy .bak).
Now, I'm in this situation... normal boot. When I try to boot with 
rescue CD and run vgscan I receive: VGDA in kernel are not consistent 
with lvmtab, and lvmtab can't be mofified, it's on a read-only FS.

Please help me GUYS.


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