[linux-lvm] High loads when writting to LVM

Judd Tracy jtracy at ist.ucf.edu
Wed Oct 27 15:14:05 UTC 2004

I have a system that I am testing out lvm on to get a feeling about 
stability and performance.  Stability right now seems good, but I am a 
little worried about the performance currently I am writing out a large 
file ~1TB using dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=1M and am noticing the load 
seams extreamly high "5.21, 5.26, 5.17".  Most of the work is being done 
in dd but I also notice that kswapd0 is also working fairly heavily.  Is 
this to be expected with LVM or do i have things setup wrong.  Write 
performance seems to be around 100MB/s on an XFS filesystem.

Opteron 242 1.4Ghz
Tyan S2882
3W-9000-12 in raid-5 with one hot spare
12 Seagate 250MB SATA drives
Fedora Core 2
Kernel 2.6.8-1.521

Judd Tracy
jtracy at ist.ucf.edu

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