[linux-lvm] Trouble with XFS/Snapshot

Piw piw at e-liberty.pl
Wed Jan 12 16:01:12 UTC 2005

Bruno Bonfils wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use the snapshot feature, but i have trouble. I don't
> have error message (kernel or others), i don't know how to check if
> lvcreate still running..
> My first try was with a volume group of ~ 580 GB (hardware raid 5)
> I created a logical volume 50GB, create a XFS Filesystem, put some
> data (~1GB) and run the following commands :
> $ xfs_freeze -f <mount point>
> $ lvcreate -v -s -L 2GB -n snapshot <device>

I got same problem (and even wrote on this group).
Don't do xfs_freeze before taking snapshot. lvcreate when snapshoting 
tries to lock filesystem by itself, and when filesystem is locked with 
xfs_freeze, is hand during lock and wait... and wait... and wait...
According to my tests, lvm locking is enought to create stable snap.



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