[linux-lvm] clvmd interface question

Patrick Caulfield pcaulfie at redhat.com
Mon Nov 21 08:46:28 UTC 2005

Jonathan E Brassow wrote:
> Also, there is a package called 'magma' that lives in the cluster tree.
>  This is an abstraction layer to different cluster managers and lock
> managers.  It has the ability to accept plugins for different cluster
> managers.  I wonder if it would be useful for clvm to use magma, then
> writing plugins is easy and you never have to touch code that makes use
> of the cluster managers.
> Patrick would know if this is a worthwhile goal.

clvmd uses several cluster manager features that magma doesn't provide - off the
top of my head I can't actually remember what these are as it's been ages since
I did it!

Of course, it's quite probable that magma could be extended to provide these
features.  The main reason it is the way it is is that quite a lot of rewriting
of clvmd would have been necessary for it to fit into magma's model due to the
short-sighted way it (clvmd) was written. In effect the abstraction layer (such
as it is) tries to make gulm look like cman/dlm.

I'm sure it could be done...but it's all time...



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