[linux-lvm] can t resize my lvm

Matthias Meyer Matthias.Meyer at gmx.li
Fri Nov 25 20:21:26 UTC 2005

... ok.
After all my troubles with this not accessible volume group
my logical volume is running again.

But again I can't growth the size of it:
Thats what I do:

vdr:~# vgcreate -v LVM3 /dev/hdd1 -s 256M
vdr:~# mke2fs -m 0 -O sparse_super -T largefile4 /dev/LVM2/Media
vdr:~# lvcreate I do not remeber the paramters :-(

vdr:~# pvcreate -v /dev/hdc1
vdr:~# vgextend LVM2 /dev/hdc1
vdr:~# lvextend -l 1115 /dev/LVM2/Media /dev/hdc1
vdr:~# e2fsadm -v -l 1115 /dev/LVM2/Media
e2fsadm -- checking logical volume name
e2fsadm -- checking existance of logical volume /dev/LVM2/Media
e2fsadm -- checking for relative/absolute size change
e2fsadm -- reading VGDA of volume group "LVM2" from lvmtab
e2fsadm -- calculating absolute logical volume size
e2fsadm -- size of "/dev/LVM2/Media" would not change
vdr:~# echo $?

Why e2fsadm do not change the size?

Please help me !

Thanks in advance
Don't Panic

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