[linux-lvm] can t resize my lvm

Matthias Meyer Matthias.Meyer at gmx.li
Sun Nov 27 13:07:20 UTC 2005

Am Freitag 25 November 2005 21:21 schrieb Matthias Meyer:
> vdr:~# lvextend -l 1115 /dev/LVM2/Media /dev/hdc1
> vdr:~# e2fsadm -v -l 1115 /dev/LVM2/Media

reading man-page e2fsadm exactly ;-)
       it can extend the logical   volume   and   grow  the  filesystem

Therefore I try:
vdr:~# lvreduce -l 744 /dev/LVM2/Media
vdr:~# e2fsadm -v -l 1115 /dev/LVM2/Media

and it will work.

Thanks for all of your hints and for your help :-)
Don't Panic

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