[linux-lvm] How to turn LVM off

David Johnston david at littlebald.com
Fri Oct 14 20:46:22 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-14 at 01:11 +0200, Fredrik Tolf wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 11:59 -0600, Kirk Korver wrote:
> > Hello,
> Hi!
> [...]
> > I see it is asking about VolGroup00. This is LVM stuff. I don't want LVM
> > on the card. What is really weird is that all of this is happening
> > before the rc.sysinit is started.
> As you can see from the fact that nash is running, it is the initrd
> running at this point. 
> > All of the LVM options are "modules" when I built my kernel.
> Indeed, but they are probably on the initrd image and loaded by the nash
> script.
> > What do I have to do so that LVM is NOT used?? Any other options?
> You'd probably have to rebuild the initrd to fit your liking. There is a
> script that comes with FC called "mkinitrd" that builds an initrd with
> the modules and programs necessary to mount to root filesystem. Probably
> that script detected that you're using LVM, and it is thus trying to
> recreate that environment.
> If I were you, I'd unzip the initrd image, mount it, and edit it manually.

I'd do the same.  If you think you will need to update your system
frequently, then I suggest that you remove LVM from your development
system; then it shouldn't be an issue.


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