[linux-lvm] couple questions about metadata checksum errors and storage

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Sat Oct 15 17:40:11 UTC 2005

** resend gmane gateway either didn't work or was very slow.  Apologies 
for the duplication if it ever shows up

system: Ubuntu 5.10

first mistake was trying to use Ubuntus installer to set up LVM and raid.
second mistake was trying to use EVMS to set up LVM and raid.

resorting to what works (mdadm and LVM2 commands)I found myself getting 
this error message with every LVM command

  Incorrect metadata area header checksum

I deleted the first five or 10 MB of each disk in the raid set but it 
persists.  Everything seems to operate, storage has been allocated, 
filesystems have been built, everything is detected on reboo and I have 
even resized one of the logical volumes and expanded the disk.

however, what I have read says that this warning message about incorrect 
metadata is something to be concerned about.  My question is, how do I fix?

second, this is probably a "RTFWP" question but how do you determine the 
free space on a physical volume.  For example, if I have two logical 
volumes created and I want to know how much space is left on the 
physical?  (apologies if I got the vocabulary wrong)

--- eric

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