[linux-lvm] error on extending ext3

Durnin, Robert robert.durnin at bfc.net
Tue Oct 18 23:10:10 UTC 2005

I have been looking about for some info on this, but Im quite lost as to whether it is a problem of the lvm or my attempts to extend the partition which is now using it.

I am using Enterprise Linux 4

and have an existing Logical volume (80gb) with an ext3 file system on it. I have recently tried to extend the partition by adding a new physical volume (another 80gb drive) and then adding the volume to the group. According to the lvm (tool) the physical volume is there, and has been added. In fact, the logical volume (when displayed etc) shows itself to be the correct size. However, when I try to run resize2fs I get messages coming back which say it is impossible and even full.

Im sure Im missing something obvious, perhaps someone can give me some pointers, I am not having so much luck with the step-by-steps on the internet (for resizing, the initial setup was fine).

thanks, robert
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