[linux-lvm] dmeventd_mirror problem and some questions.

Simone Gotti simone.gotti at email.it
Tue Apr 18 12:40:34 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I was curious to try the experimental dmeventd + the mirror checking
Everytime I created a mirror volume, dmeventd was crashing when the
mirror finished the syncing process. 
I tracked it down to _get_mirror_event that is expeting a return string
from the status ioctl to dm like "2 253:4 253:5 400/400 1 AA 3 cluster
253:3 A" but it gets only "2 253:4 253:5 400/400" so it SIGSEGV when is
going to read over the number of returned arguments in the "args" array
from split_words.

The same string is returned by "dmsetup status".

Do these informations aren't already implemented in the ioctl, or are
there some patches around that I can try? (my kernel is the latest
available in fedora rawhide: 2.6.16-1.2131_FC6)

Another question, If I understand it correctly, the mirror library for
dmeventd will look to possible problems (eg the lost of a PV containing
a mirror), and it will call the right lvm command to fix it?
For example, if a PV containing a side of a 2 way mirrored volume is
lost, what are the various actions that it will do (I noticed an
lvreduce --removemissing, but my fear is that this command will also
remove unmirrored volumes)?



Simone Gotti.

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