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Stern, Rick (Serviceguard Linux) rick.stern at hp.com
Mon May 1 15:41:14 UTC 2006

I'm working with another engineer on this.  He's a little unfamiliar
this area but I'll try to get him to signup on the list and respond 

The script dumps a fair amount of info after a failure and so far there
nothing that is suspect in that data, i.e. it seems that there are no 
active mounts our anything else open.  

He will be putting a few more tests & basic debug print statements into
script - including between the unmount and the deactivate.  Obviously
will change some timing.  Also, I've asked him to re-try the deactivate
the script after the first failure. As we have more info, we'll post it.


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anymore info on the type of failure?  output?


On Apr 28, 2006, at 1:51 PM, Stern, Rick (Serviceguard Linux) wrote:

> Will the following work?  This is to test a function that uses LVM
> command.
> I have multiple scripts that are running in parallel.
> Each script is associated with one volume group.
> In the script are vgchange commands to activate the VG,
> file system mounts, file writes, and unmounts and then a
> deactivate of the VG.
> So it is possible to have a 2 instances of vgchange running at the
> time (on different VGs).
> The reason I'm asking is that I am getting a failure where a
> does not work on
> a VG after running these scripts for about 12 hours.
> Thanks,
> Rick
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