[linux-lvm] LVM2 coverity report

Jonathan E Brassow jbrassow at redhat.com
Mon May 1 19:12:41 UTC 2006

Access hasn't been granted to me... at least not that I know.  I signed 
up, which consisted of firing off an email, and haven't received any 
form of feedback since.  Can we report a bug against the coverity 


On Apr 28, 2006, at 5:26 AM, Gildas wrote:

> Hello,
>  The page http://scan.coverity.com/ shows 33 "Uninspected and Pending" 
> bugs for LVM2.
>  Access seems to be granted to mainteners only and I wondered out of 
> pure curiosity if LVM2 developpers were aware of this scan and of its 
> results.

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