[linux-lvm] LVM Volumes No Longer Mount

Nick Gushlow nick.gushlow at gmail.com
Wed May 3 18:02:38 UTC 2006

I'm having problems with all the LVM volumes on my system after a
forced reset (complete system hang forced the reset).  I want to give
as much info as possible so I'll use pastebin to keep the email
shorter, if you want me to add the pastebin entries to an email I can.

I spent some time on the irc channel earlier and despite pjc's efforts
(thanks) a resolution was not found.


After the forced reset attempts at mounting any of the LVs give the
following error:

[root at cattlewash ~]# mount /home
mount: special device /dev/vg1/Home does not exist

My initial diagnosis of the problem was that 2 disks (yes I know
unlikely!) had failed and lost labels and partition tables -

I now realise that it's not just the one VG & LV covering those disks
but all LVs - one VG/LV covering two disks, and one VG with several
LVs on a partition on another disk; and that those disks were setup
without partitions.  It should be noted that this was done years ago
following instructions off a site so I've no idea what I did when
setting things up.

An fdisk of the disk with the an LVM partition and several LVs reports
right, but gpart doesn't - http://guswrk.pastebin.com/696208

The odd thing about this all is that pvscan, vgscan & lvscan seem to
report things ok. - http://guswrk.pastebin.com/696212

I tried using vgmknodes but then after running it attempts at mounting LVs gave:

mount: /dev/vg2/ftp: can't read superblock

The original mounting error message returns after a reboot of the system.

And lvm dumpconfig gives - http://guswrk.pastebin.com/696195

I'm really at a loss as to what to do to recover the LVs. If I can at
least recover the LVs in  vg1 I'd be happy. I thought about doing an
export then importing again, but I guess if it's the metadata that's
hosed then this won't help.

Anyone got any ideas that could help me?


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