[linux-lvm] booting from an LV

Joep Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Wed May 24 22:08:11 UTC 2006

Harik A'ttar wrote:

> Joep Blom wrote:
>> Francis,
>> Thanks. I've read that. But after 7 or 8 years using LILO with all 
>> the problems around it, I switched 2 years ago to grub and decided to 
>> stick to it. So my solution is to make a small (100 Mb) primary 
>> partition for grub and do the rest with LVM as I have discovered the 
>> ease and advantage of it after years of struggling with fdisk (DOS, 
>> W98, Linux) and with the ntfsprogs suite it's easy to create XP 
>> partitions in an LV for backups.
>> Joep
> Even with LILO, it's easier to have a raw BIOS partition for /boot:
> software raid4/5/6, pvmove, raid1, &tc.  There are a lot of bad hacks
> in lilo to support some of those things in some configurations, but 
> nothing clean.  The most reliable way to bring things up is to install 
> grub or lilo in /boot (on [hs]da1) and possibly mirror the boot sector
> and the boot partition to the second drive.   However, on a 
> failed-drive, most motherboards can't reboot anyway so you're talking 
> manual intervention in either case.  With a block-level mirror, 
> hopefully just yanking the first drive lets you boot off #2, and of 
> course once you hit initrd and raidstart, it handles the failed disk 
> gracefully, right? :)
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I couldn't agree more. IMHO it's a bloody shame we still have to work 
with a misconcept of over 25 years to start any OS (I'm not familiar 
with the Mac but I presume it's equally oldfashioned).

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