[linux-lvm] booting from an LV

Dieter Stüken stueken at conterra.de
Thu May 25 21:16:41 UTC 2006

Joep Blom wrote:
> Harik,
> I couldn't agree more. IMHO it's a bloody shame we still have to work 
> with a misconcept of over 25 years to start any OS (I'm not familiar 
> with the Mac but I presume it's equally oldfashioned).
> Joep

be careful:
precisely Apple is a step further than most Linux systems today:
they already use EFI, the next generation BIOS, see:
EFI even defines an enhanced partitioning concept called GPT.

But I still fail to see, why I have to create any partition on my
disks if I have LVM instead. It should make partitions obsolete!
On the other hand I don't see neither Lilo nor Grub will provide
a solution without any DOS partition table, soon. As I refuse to turn
back booting from floppy disks, I currently think about booting from
a cheap USB Stick instead. It may hold my /boot system with an LVM
aware kernel and may even carry a small rescure system. 


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