[linux-lvm] No label detected

Richard Mollel unixtipz at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 15:16:43 UTC 2006

I have an idea of what is going on...but no really how
to correct it once and for all.
The PV, VG, LV were created under Mandrake 10.0, in
the days of LVM1. Then an upgrade install was done, to
take it to Mandriva 2006.0, and thus the LVM1 was
converted to LVM2 in the process.
When i first created the LVM devices...i used whole
device, sdb,sdc & sdd...even though there were
partitions sdb1, sdc1 and sdd1 which comprise of whole
disk. LVM1 it seems did not have an issue.
Since i was adding disks, i believe it is the first
time that i actually ran pvscan....which effectively
dumped /etc/lvm/.cache and created a new one. 
Under new one, since sdb1,sdc1 &sdd1 were of type
LVM...it saw those, but not sdb, sdc and sdd.....which
it says are unknown devices.
Is there any way to correct it "online"...ie. without
moving all data out, wipe out all info, rebuild the
PVs, VG & LV?
As a backup plan, i am mounting the whole devices,
sdb, sdc & sdd as loop device using losetup...and that
seems to work...though it is manual process....


--- Richard Mollel <unixtipz at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Mandriva 2006.0
> Kernel 2.6.12-24
> lvm2-2.01.09-1mdk
> LVM installed on whole devices, /dev/sdb, sdc and
> sdd.
> It has worked for over 2 years. Not sure if
> something
> in Mandriva regular update changed anything
> related....but now, upon reboot, the whole devices
> are
> seen as PV's. I have to run losetup (set them up as
> loop devices basically) then
> vgscan,pvscan,lvmdiskscan
> can see them, and i can mount my VG. What actually
> controls pvscan/vgscan commands?
> /dev/sdb1: No label detected
> /dev/sdc1: No label detected
> /dev/sdd1: No label detected
>       Locking /var/lock/lvm/V_ASSIM_VG RB
> Finding volume group "ASSIM_VG"
>   /dev/loop0: lvm2 label detected
>   /dev/loop1: lvm2 label detected
>   /dev/loop2: lvm2 label detected
> _Thanks
> Richard
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