[linux-lvm] Re-striping (reorgvg)

Louis Guillaume lguillaume at berklee.edu
Tue Nov 21 05:23:12 UTC 2006


I'm relatively new to LVM on Linux, but have a lot of experience with

Everything makes sense, except I have not found any information on how
to do the following:

1. Add a PV to a volume group. (this is easy)

2. Reorganize the volume group to spread the
   Physical Extents evenly across all PVs in
   the volume group.

I've looked at setting up a striped configuration to spread the PE's
between the PVs. And that's all well and good. But what happens when I
add another PV to the VG? Looks like I'll end up with a mess.

On AIX I would...

. extendvg
. reorgvg

... and now my new PV is nicely added to the VG with the Physical
partitions nicely spread evenly between all the PVs.

How can I do this on Linux?


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