[linux-lvm] Two Logical Volumes data disappeared

Charles Tuckey charles at tuckey.ca
Tue Nov 21 22:49:16 UTC 2006

I installed x86_64 FC6 on a new Dell Inspiron 9400 running an Intel
Core 2 Duo CPU. It has a Hitachi HTS72101 100GB HDD. The initial
installed kernel was 2.6.18-1.2798 but I upgraded, via yum, to
2.6.18-1.2849 almost immediately.

There are 2 partitions on the HDD - one for /boot and one for a
Logical Volume Group. I split the Logical Volume Group into 4 volumes:
00 - 64.72 GB, / mount point
01 - 1.94 GB, swap space
02 - 6.81 GB, /home/charlie mount point
03 - 19.53 GB, /home/media mount point

About a week after setting up, I rebooted. After reboot all the data
in volumes 02 & 03 were gone and the permissions had been reset to
what they were just after initial installation. Prior to this
particular reboot, I had rebooted many times without any problems.

I looked through the log files (that I know about) and could find
nothing that, to me, indicated a problem.

Needless to say, I am very nervous now about using the laptop as my
primary machine. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might
be or what other trouble shooting I could do?


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