[linux-lvm] Re: rhel4 u4 lvm2 changes (for PowerPath devices)

roderick tapang retapang at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 04:04:02 UTC 2006

On 11/24/06, roderick tapang <retapang at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
> i installed RHEL4 update 4 (2.6.9-42.ELsmp) on an HP BL45p (AMD64). i
> then added 4 EMC hosted disks on it:
> /dev/emcpowerb    lx0060data00vg lvm2 a-   50.00G 24.00G
>   /dev/emcpowerc    lx0060data00vg lvm2 a-   50.00G 24.00G
>   /dev/emcpowerd    lx0060data00vg lvm2 a-   50.00G 24.00G
>   /dev/emcpowere    lx0060data00vg lvm2 a-   50.00G 24.00G
> i've create a couple of ext3 FS on this VG (LV striped across the
> disks). everytime  i restart the system, i end up with the file system
> repair prompt - the tw FS can't be mounted as the
> PVs can't be seen.
> i removed the entries in /etc/fstab. it appears that the PVs are not
> being activated automatically during reboot. i had to do a:
> lvmdiskcan
> vgchange lx0060data00vg -ay
> only then i can mount the FS.
> /dev/mapper/lx0060data00vg-lx0060lvdata00   99G   92M   94G   1% /staging
> /dev/mapper/lx0060data00vg-lx0060lvdata01  4.0G  1.9G  1.9G  51% /apps
>  i have 6 other similar blade systems with  EMC disks allocated the
> same way and they are all running RHEL4 update 3. but i never had this
> kind of issue. are there any changes in the LVM2 activation during
> bootup in update4?
> i didn't find anything related to this in the release notes of update4
> so i was hoping that someone could enlighten me on this. :)

wooops - its also the same with update3. it appears that the new set
of disks are ATA and not fiber (as to what the rest of our blades
i had to run /etc/init.d/PowerPath start to make the PVs visible.

now i have to figure out where should it go. that PowerPath command is
already in /etc/rc.sysinit but still drops me to the maintenance mode
during boot up if the FS is in /etc/fstab.
i think i'll file this in bugzilla.


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