[linux-lvm] pvresize experince

Andrew Park apark at cdf.toronto.edu
Fri Nov 24 13:53:08 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I have RHAS4 (update 3) and the following is the LVM tool info.

[root at mysystem ~]# pvresize --version
   LVM version:     2.02.01 (2005-11-23)
   Library version: 1.02.02 (2006-01-04)
   Driver version:  4.5.0

Now I have a RAID that had 5 x 300 GB on it and I recently added 3 more.
It is in the middle of migrating it data across 8 drives.  Once this is
completed I am expected to run

 	pvresize /dev/sda

to have the increased space recognized.

Now my question, may I hear from the folks who have used pvresize
before?  i.e. successfully recognized the new space in how many minutes

The situation I am facing ... it is critical that pvresize does not mess
up the RAID or any other settings since we just cannot lose any more
time.  So I just wanted to be extra sure that this can be done.

Please let me know,

P.S. : Please CC me on the reply since I am not subscribed on the list.


Andrew Park

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