[linux-lvm] Tool to manage LVM

Piter PUNK piterpk at terra.com.br
Wed Aug 15 17:51:51 UTC 2007


	I am writing an small app to manage LVM. Currently it supports:

	1. Create and Remove Physical Volumes
	2. Create, Remove, Extend and Reduce Volume Groups
	3. Create and Remove Logical Volumes

	It have two user interfaces, one in dialog and other with the
fdisk behavior. The letters used in commands in fdisk interface can
be used as shortcuts in dialog interface.

	The idea of this app isn't to manage complex LVM setups, is more
to aid the LVM creation in small environments (but, who knows the
future?). I before made a real public release i want to add:

	1. Logical Volume resizing (with filesystem support)
	2. Snapshots

	The (1) is already being coded. The (2) will wait a little.

	If someone can test or help with suggestions or bug reports
or fixing my terrible english i will be very happy.


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