[linux-lvm] Tool to manage LVM

Piter PUNK piterpk at terra.com.br
Thu Aug 16 23:50:46 UTC 2007

linux-lvm at ml.epigenomics.com wrote:
> Hi!
> Sorry to interrupt but isn't this exactly the list of features from
> EVMS? They have evmsn (ncurses interface) and emvsgui (GUI) to create,
> resize, etc. volumes.


EVMS is a much more complex tool. lvmdisk tries to emulate the fdisk
behavior and to be a good tool to do the basic setup and management
(because that "basic" i think the Logical Volume resize is a need).

> EVMS currently lacks active developers, maybe you can put your resources
> into this project? http://evms.sourceforge.net/

I read the page and don't think both tools have the same goals.
And my capabilities in C aren't very good.

					Thanks the answer!

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