[linux-lvm] won't dual boot: 2 disks and LVM

pham_cuong at emc.com pham_cuong at emc.com
Wed Dec 19 14:33:00 UTC 2007

 Instead of discussing back and forth w/o real data to discuss/explore with concrete evidences, could you:

A. Post the content of both the grub.conf and boot.ini files
B. Tell us the physical position of each of the drive, and
C. The current BIOS setting
D. Any observed behavior with the settings stated in A,B, and C.

I presume (please make appropriate correction as needed), based on the email trails, that the "current config that failed" is:

E.  Primary drive contains Fedorea.
F.  Slave drive contains XP.
G.  Upon POST, Fedora boot loader comes up first, if you make the selection to boot to Fedora, then Fedora boot up w/o problem.
H.  However, if you were to make the selection to boot to XP, then XP started, but hung.  If so, let us know what transpired (what the last thing that passed, what the last thing that failed

I.  I need to know whether the failure is caused by the Fedora boot loader or the XP boot loader.  At this time, I can not ascertain which one is the culprit.  If E,F,G,H are correct, then boot.ini along with all the necessary hidden system files must be scrutized to ensure that they exists, that they are good (integrity check), and that the config is set correctly.


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On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 11:20 +0100, Georges Giralt wrote:
> Selon cs <cs at networkingnewsletter.org.uk>:
> > On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 16:52 -0500, pham_cuong at emc.com wrote:
> > > There is a difference between changing the boot order from the BIOS vs.
> > > [physically] removing the master HD.  Here's why:
> ...............Usefull stuff snipped............
> > > Regards,
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> > > Confucius
> >
> > useful stuff but I'm still unsure why if I change the order in BIOS then
> > (when I had it working a bit) it would start the XP boot sequence (and
> > not the GRUB from master) but then hang indefinitely...
> Hi !
> Let me chime in here as I've faced the same problem you've got.
> My PC has a lot of disks, some of them for Fedora/LVM/mirror install, some of
> them for Mandriva/Ubuntu install and one with Windows XP.
> The problem I encountered came from ...guess what ? Windows XP installation.
> Here is a _short_ HowTo.
> 1) open you PC and let ONLY one disk into it as MASTER (if IDE) and install
> Windows/XP.
> 2) Double check that the Windows/XP boot section specify only this disk.
> 3) Test that you can boot Windows/XP in this particular configuration.
> 4) Return PC hardware as it should be.
> 5) double check that you Linux/LVM config boots fine.
> 6) modify the Grub.conf file to have Windows/XP believe it is on first disk/only
> disk using map() command.
> 7) double check Windows/XP boots fine.
> If you do a Windows/XP install with another configuration than above, you will
> have some references to this configuration in the registry/boot config...etc and
> won't be able to run  XP¨again. Also be sure to wipe clean the Windows/XP disk
> before installation, otherwise, you know what....
> This is just "been there, done that" .... kind of PITA I had.
> And, of course, YMMV.

that does seem the only safe way but I'm still struggling to understand

Thanks, Michael

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