[linux-lvm] won't dual boot: 2 disks and LVM

Georges Giralt georges.giralt at free.fr
Wed Dec 19 15:44:21 UTC 2007

Selon pham_cuong at emc.com:

>  Instead of discussing back and forth w/o real data to discuss/explore with
> concrete evidences, could you:
> A. Post the content of both the grub.conf and boot.ini files
...........Heavilly snipped.................
Hi Pham !
I think this is not totally sufficient.
You have to check the BIOS to see how and in what order it sees the disks.
Some Bioses have a strange behavior especially when you have a SCSI card or USB
On my Mobo, if I plug a Sata drive, the first master IDE came in third position,
right after the sata disk and the SCSI DVDrom which is still lugged on. Do not
ask me why it sees this as a disk (and even if there is nothing into it).
So I admire the Grub people as they've made a terrific job ;-)

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