[linux-lvm] Max Physical Volumes set too high

David Huffman no_spam at bigredradio.com
Fri Feb 9 17:41:01 UTC 2007

When running the command:
vgcreate -s 4096k -p 256 -l 255 /dev/vg00 /dev/cciss/c0d0p3

Received the error:
setlocale failed
Number of volumes may not exceed 255

 From my understanding there is not a limitation on the number of 
physical volumes in LVM2. Why would I receive this error if there is no 
Max limit on the number of physical volumes.

LVM version: 2.00.15 (2004-04-19)
Library version: 1.00.19-ioctl (2004-07-03)
Driver version: 4.3.0

Has this been corrected in a later version or do I need to specify the 

I understand that I can just adjust to 255 or less, but this is a script 
that recreates a volume group based on previous settings. The original 
VG had MAX PHYSICAL VOLUMES set to 256, yet I am unable to recreate it 
with the same values.


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