[linux-lvm] Metadata Too Large For Circular Buffer

Jayson Vantuyl jvantuyl at engineyard.com
Sun Feb 11 06:47:02 UTC 2007

Hello LVM List,

I recently encountered this error doing an lvcreate with CLVM:

   VG ey00-data metadata too large for circular buffer

I've Googled and found it elsewhere.  It appears my metadata is too  
large for the space allocated by default on the PVs.  It also appears  
that everybody else has encountered this with throw-away data.  I  
have a very large, very live system on this.  What can I do to get  
more metadata space?

It's CLVM, so I can't pvmove (even if I had the metadata space to  
make new PVs and move this 3TB).

I can pvcreate a new PV with enough space and presumably add it to  
the system, but will this work?  Can it handle having one PV with  
enough space and others without enough space?

I absolutely have to find a solution to this, so any help would be  

Jayson Vantuyl
Systems Architect
Engine Yard
jvantuyl at engineyard.com

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