[linux-lvm] SolvedLRE: CLVMD and Locking type 3 initialisation failed

David Robinson zxvdr.au at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 23:47:09 UTC 2007

> For Debian lvm2 you have to set the locking_type=2.  It's in the lvm2 source
> debian/clvm.README.Debian 
> However, now that I have ccsd, cman and clvmd happily running (I discovered
> I had clvmd running ok when I could run LVM commands).  On both computers in
> my cluster, I'm still not seeing the volume group of the other cluster
> member.  And the status of my Clustser seems fine.  
> Is there anything I'm missing or doing wrong?  I'm not running a SAN or
> iSCSI.  The PVs for each server are partitions I've created from the HW
> Raid.

I think your understanding of CLVM may be wrong. CLVM will not make 
volume groups etc on local storage available to both nodes - its used to 
manage shared storage. Storage is presented to both nodes (ie, a SAN or 
iSCSI) and CLVM is used to manage the storage (ie, prevent metadata 
corruption by using locking, and making sure that both nodes have a 
consistent view of each VG etc).



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