[linux-lvm] Snapshot - Commit and Rollback

Rahul Sahadevan rahul at sanatdata.net
Fri Jan 4 06:01:28 UTC 2008

     I am using LVM2 for my volume management and its working very fine.
Last day i try to take backup of the volumes using snapshot feature
available. I have following queries regarding the snapshot working.
After the snapshot is taken is there any way to update the contents
(COMMIT) of the same snapshot with the changed contents in the share in
a future point of time. 
Also is there any feature like ROLLBACK to revert back the volume
content with the contents of the nth snapshot. 
As per now i have to store multiple snapshots for every changes
happening in the volume, which is almost like wasting a hell lot of
If anyone put light on these and let me know where to refer to get more
details on this will be highly appreciable.

Thanks in advance. 


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