[linux-lvm] Re: Snapshot - Commit and Rollback

Rahul Sahadevan rahul at sanatdata.net
Fri Jan 18 10:37:55 UTC 2008

Hi Group,
     I have posted this mail regarding the SNAPSHOT operations in LVM2.
If anyone has any clue or comments please put forward. I am deliberately
waiting for a reply from this group. 


On Fri, 2008-01-04 at 11:31 +0530, Rahul Sahadevan wrote:
> Group,
>      I am using LVM2 for my volume management and its working very fine.
> Last day i try to take backup of the volumes using snapshot feature
> available. I have following queries regarding the snapshot working.
> After the snapshot is taken is there any way to update the contents
> (COMMIT) of the same snapshot with the changed contents in the share in
> a future point of time. 
> Also is there any feature like ROLLBACK to revert back the volume
> content with the contents of the nth snapshot. 
> As per now i have to store multiple snapshots for every changes
> happening in the volume, which is almost like wasting a hell lot of
> space. 
> If anyone put light on these and let me know where to refer to get more
> details on this will be highly appreciable.
> Thanks in advance. 
> regards,
>      Rahul

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