[linux-lvm] lvm unstriping

Edgar Costa dane at netcabo.pt
Sat Jul 12 23:21:35 UTC 2008

at first i striped my partitions by 3 disks but then there was a need to
remove one so i make pvmove, now what happens is that now i lose performance
because the disk his always jumping from where it reads/writes
for example onde de / (not in lvm) with hdparm i get 232 / 50 mb/s and in a
lvm partition 193 / 5.8

so i need to unstrip the logical volumes

but the question is: how?

there is any reshaper? or something like that?
i already found out that pvmove can move only a PE at a time but this will
be very lame, I would have to make a script to make my efficient again, and
it's a easy way to get it worse...(if i get something wrong)
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