[linux-lvm] sector zero on a Logical Volume

Gene Czarcinski gene at czarc.net
Sun Jul 13 21:51:57 UTC 2008

I am hoping that someone on this mailing list is expert enough to answer my 

Is there any reason that sector 0 on a Logical Volume should not be all zeros?

I guess I am really asking if any filesystem uses sector 0 on a Logical 

My problem occurred when I effectively dd'ed a real disk partition on which 
grub is installed to a Logical Volume.  When grub in installed into a 
partition, it not only installs it's boot code but also makes sector 0 on 
that partition have a fake "msdos" partition table and the kernel (and other 
software) does not like that at all!!

My solution was to use dd to zero sector 0 and then everything worked ... 
could mount the Logical Volume, etc.


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