[linux-lvm] Possible to extend a partition "nested" in an LV?

Wil Decius wilson.decius at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 04:56:15 UTC 2008


I'd like to expand the /root partition of a partitioned-OS on an LV.
Combinations of pv/lv/vg extend,resize, etc as well as resize2fs,
parted, fdisk have mainly resulted in garbage.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I've a VolumeGroup, "VG_MAIN" sized @ 50GB.  It's empty/unused, except
for a 3GB LV,


LV(/dev/VG_MAIN/test) contains a deployable/bootable Xen DomU OS.

LV(/dev/VG_MAIN/test) has two partitions

 kpartx -av /dev/VG_MAIN/test
   add map VG_MAIN-test1 (253:13): 0 192717 linear  /dev/VG_MAIN/test 63
   add map VG_MAIN-test2 (253:14): 0 6056505 linear /dev/VG_MAIN/test 192780

partition(VG_MAIN-test1) is formatted as

    /boot, ext3, 100MB

partition(VG_MAIN-test2) itself contains a single VolumeGroup, "vg0",
partitioned into to LV's,

    vgchange -ay vg0
    lvs | grep vg0
      LVROOT       vg0     -wi-a-   2.31G
      LVSWAP       vg0     -wi-a- 512.00M

i.e., the partitioning "looks" like,

        VG(VG_MAIN) -> 3G
            LV(test) -> 100%
                PART(1) = /boot, ext3 -> 100MB
                PART(2)               -> *
                    VG(vg0) -> 100%
                        LV(LVSWAP) -> 512 MB
                            PART(1) = swap, swap -> *
                        LV(LVROOT) -> *
***->                    PART(1) = /, ext3 -> *    i.e., ~ 2.31 GB


 I'd like to EXPAND the Xen DomU image by +9B to 12GB, total, adding
the add'l 9GB space to the currently 2.31GB last (***->) partition.

Can I do that? If so, how?


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