[linux-lvm] Can I create a PV that only uses a portion of a partition?

Lionel Kernux lionel.kernux at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 18:34:16 UTC 2008

Hi again,

I have a 1.4TB disk that contains 1 parttition /dev/sda1.

Currently I have 1 PV that was created from /dev/sda1.

I have 1 VG created using the PV /dev/sda1.

I'd like to create some more VG's using the one disk.

Can I:

resize the PV /dev/sda1 and then create a new PV using the freed space?

I have a feeling that the relationship between partitions:PV's is 1:1.
Is this the case?

I was short-sighted when I created the PV and VG on this machine and
basically made one giant PV and one giant VG allocating it. Now I'd
like to be more granular.

I'm thinking the only way is to pvresize to shrink the PV, then shrink
the partition, then create some new partitions in the recovered space,
then create some new PV's from the new partitions, then create some
new VG's from the new PV's.

Any help?



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